ci_header_bannerThe Canadian institute has organized the 19th Annual Advertising and Marketing which will be held on January 23 to 24, 2013 at the One King West Hotel in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This event is very useful to a lot of entrepreneurs who want to know what the latest is in advertising and the legalities about the techniques that they imply. The gathering will be focused on the innovation of numerous marketing and advertising strategies and minimizing any legal issues that businessmen and entrepreneurs may encounter.

So before businesses order a batch of materials for flyer or postcard printing in Toronto, they will know all of the legal issues surrounding the printing process of names, copyrights, and everything related to these advertising tools.

Within these two days of talks, there will be numerous speakers who are affiliated with CRTC and they will be giving information about the connection between advertising and the law.

Aside from print ads, there will also be key data that will cover other forms of advertising such as online, radio, and Television as well. With all these components, you really need to attend this event for you to know the legal risks when you are putting your brand and your company.

There are also talks regarding privacy concerns of businesses especially when dealing with online ads. With all these information, businesses and entrepreneurs will be able to know their rights and they can protect themselves in case any legal issues arise.

In addition to all the legal issues that will be discussed, there will also be speakers, who will be focusing on effective advertising techniques that you can use just like creating a comprehensive mailing list, designing effective webpages, television techniques, and others.

For interested parties, pre-registration is required to be able to attend the event. This will also be a good avenue to meet other people in the advertising industry.