direct mail servicesPostcard printing is preferred by many companies due to the minimal number of pages and the cheaper printing and distribution costs. In designing for its content, sticking to the basics is often the best rule.

  • Match the graphics with the reader.

Like any other printing services you tried in the past, postcards need to contain graphics that is relevant to your target demographic in order for them to be effective. A law firm that wants to impress their clients with serious advocacy will not create a postcard that would better be suited for a day care.

  • Keep the headline simple and brief.

True, a postcard is a two-page material, but if you clutter it with text and irrelevant chatter, you will still miss out on its potential to sell. Be concise in what you want to tell your reader and let that headline be the focal point of the page.

  • One idea to rule them all.

If you are bubbling with design ideas, learn to temper them with practicality. You can save them for future advertising materials if you wish, but a postcard will be less confusing if you use only a single theme or purpose to sell.