business cards torontoBusiness card printing, while one of the most used marketing strategy, is often too predictable in its distribution. You meet a potential client, hand them your card and then receive theirs. Outside of that typical scenario, a business card is rarely given out. To get your card out there, you have to start thinking out of the box and try the following:

  • Pass it as a note.

Even if the person you are speaking to is not a client, they might know someone who could be one. Use the blank part of your card or any available space therein to write down directions for anyone who asks, questions for the speaker to answer at a convention or seminar, or to leave a message to someone.

  • Design two (or four).

Of all the kinds of printing services out there, the business card belongs to the lower end of the price range. This means that if you have a couple of unrelated businesses, you need not stick to a single generic design. Some business owners use the back part for their second business. However, if your companies are as diverse as a shoe store and a wine shop, then you can always have separate cards and designs printed.

  • Insert in all business correspondence.

Even if you have your contact information printed on the letter, the business card is still more convenient to keep than the former.