brochure printingThe versatility of brochure printing means it can go beyond advertising. You can use it as a manual to teach your customers how to use your product. Whether you have written a manual before or not, the following hints can help you improve its content:

1. Intuitive Lists

An instructions manual will always contain a list that your customer will refer to so they can find the topic they need a help on. When you pepper the pages with abbreviations or technical lingo, group them in the glossary of terms. The table of contents and index can be made better if you play with the possible synonyms that your customer can think of, and include them.

2. Simpler Instructions

Using plain and easy-to-read words is the key, so edit out any creative writing prose that have sneaked into your writing. Enumerating the items in numbers and bullets will allow the reader to go through them faster.

3. Actual Tests

To ensure that the printing services you paid for will not go to waste, have some non-employees read and follow the instructions you wrote. Only when they can successfully install or assemble your product can your manual be ready for actual customers.