brochure printingThe most savvy of business owners will never run out of brochure printing ideas. Some will even tailor-fit their designs to best accommodate their intended use.

1. Filling in the Racks

The most common use of brochures is to be on racks for passersby to pick up. This is usually at the receptionist’s desk or the cashier’s counter. Since there are other brochures on the same rack, ensure that your design is more eye-catching than the others. You can write an intriguing question on the cover or make a tempting offer right off the bat.

2. Sending to Homes

When you plan on sending brochures to the homes, you will be competing for the reader’s attention. Many companies that availed of postcard, catalog or flyer printing are also using direct mail as a distribution method. For your brochure to stand out, play with brighter colors and opt for larger fonts.

3. Providing More Info

A brochure that is text-heavy may not be ideal for racks or as a direct mail, but customers who want to know more about your products or services will appreciate the details. Collect your customers’ FAQs in advance so you can include these in your brochure.