flyer printingTo understand better the poor response rate of your flyer printing campaign, you can check your flyer against the following pitfalls that business owners snag themselves into:

  1. Your headline fails to grab your reader’s attention.

Every reader, even you, needs some kind of a hook to give your flyer more than a glance. Spend more time drafting and revising your headline to make it more humorous or eye-catching, whichever applies to your product, until you find the best one for your flyer.

  1. Your tone is too formal.

Getting into your reader’s good side would not help you if the tone of your content lacks some friendly words. Certain words will evoke a jovial and more approachable vibe than others and it is your job to find and incorporate these words into your copy.

  1. Your reader gets nothing out of your product.

When you have not stated how your product can make the reader’s life easier or help them do things faster, then the money you spent for printing services had been for naught. Raise your response rate by showcasing the value of your product’s features.

  1. There is no call for action.

Your failure to place a time frame, such as a coupon expiry, for the reader to avail of your product will not push them to place an order.