The global market is getting smaller with the progression of online marketing.  Across the board, the internet has made it easier for small businesses to market themselves and compete with bigger businesses.  Here are some guidelines for utilizing both on and offline marketing.

Articles and content are extremely important for marketing yourself online.  However, they can be just as useful for offline marketing as well.  Use articles posted online for offline publishing as well.  The same principle applies to advertising as well.  If you have an ad that is working for you online, try using it offline in your print marketing to get the same results.  Networking is so important for both online and offline advertising.  Meeting others who are reaching for the same goal allows you to work together and use each other for the betterment of both your businesses.  Finally, business cards are an invaluable tool.  Market your online venture with well designed, high quality business card.  Include all your contact information and ensure that the card is printed using high quality inks and stock from a reputable printing company.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your business strive on and off line.