One of the ways to awaken your postcard printing designs is to incorporate some kind of texture into them. Since not all postcard designers employ this technique, you can expect your printed material to stand out from the pile attract the attention of your reader.

Choose textured background designs

postcard printing torontoIf you wish to have a grainy effect without having to pile on goop and glitter onto your paper, you can look for a background that will trick the eye into believing that the paper is indeed textured. Look for high resolution photos of bricks, stone, cork and the like so you can have that illusion of depth and faux textured foundation for your content.

Play with other materials

A company with a variety of printing services should have enough options in its paper and ink types to allow you to switch them up. Ask for their swatches and run your fingers over the different cardboard types. Handmade paper usually have texture, but you can experiment with inks and the types of printing as well. By embossing, foil printing or adding glitter on your text or graphics, you can still add texture onto your glossy smooth paper.