business cards torontoGym owners can literally pump up their memberships via poster or flyer printing, but not for the purpose of sending them out as direct mail. Within the four walls of their building, they can use these materials to promote the business to others.


Making use of built-in distributors


Gym members usually have a good social circle so take advantage of this by doing some flyer or business card printing and displaying them at a table by the door. If you include discounts for members who bring in a new customer who will sign up, then they will be encouraged to pick up copies of your flyers to give out to their friends. You will be saving the mailing and distribution costs that you would have paid if you ran the campaign outside your premises.


Motivating members to keep on coming back


Keeping your active members can also be a challenge for gym owners. Posters with information on the health benefits of proper and regular exercise will remind them to stick to their programs. You can also give out newsletters or circulars every month to update them of new health studies and to announce your new services, if any.