Booklets are a great way to promote sales and encourage new business.  A well produced booklet is a great way to inform your customers about your company and what products or services you offer.  However, like all other design projects, some aspects should be kept in mind during the process.

It is always a good idea to use a template.  They are the most efficient way to design a booklet.  Complete with the proper formatting settings, they will save time and ensure that your finished product is perfect.

When it comes to writing the content for your booklet, you must remember that this is a booklet and not a book.  Make sure you stay brief and to the point.  Feel free to b creative with the layout and the images, but refrain from making your booklet any longer.  Be clear and concise with your writing.

Use high quality pictures and graphics in your booklet.  By breaking up the text with some images, you are relaying a sense of high end quality.  Remember that with any images or graphics you use, always opt for high resolution printing, to show your business in the best light.

Following these tips will ensure that you are happy with the outcome of your booklet and the business it will bring in.