If you are in need of a catalog to promote your business, you have two options for getting started: you can design and print your own, or you can hire a professional to handle all the details for you.

Catalog Print and Design

Those who want to do everything themselves should consider what goes into this. First off, you have to decide on a layout that will fit in with your catalog while also attracting the attention of readers.

As you move on, it is time to think about the images and content that you are going to include. While this sounds simple enough, you have to do more than make a few decisions. Once you know what you are going to use, you must then decide where to place it.

Even if you do everything else on your own, you will probably need to hire a printing company to finish the job. After all, most companies don’t have the equipment to print and bind catalogs.

There are some aspects of the catalog design process that you may be able to complete. But remember, there is always professional help available if you need it.