presentation-folders-toronto-142814_481x230Every day, companies always get and send different types of paperwork that are necessary for the processes of the business. There are legal documents that need to be filed, receipts that have to be compiled and even brochures used for advertising. For the main purpose of filing and comprehensively storing all of these documents, you will need presentation folders. These folders are not the usual ones that you purchase in office supply shops because these are specifically made by printing companies according to your preference.

After looking for a reputable printing company, focus on the other basics of choosing the right folders.

Size of the Folder. The first thing that you need to choose is the size of the folder that you will need. You should base this decision on the types of files that you will be placing into these folders. To be able to protect the documents, you should place them in a folder where they will be completely enclosed. So you must never put a legal sized document into a letter size presentation folder.
Pockets. The unique thing about these folders used in businesses is that they may have pockets inside where you can easily insert the documents for storage. The size as well as the number of pockets should be determined in one folder. The capacity of the folder will depend on the pockets inside.
Slits. Aside from the pockets, there are also folders where slits are being placed to hold brochures, business cards, and even CDs or DVDs. These are useful especially when you will be using the folders for sales and business presentations with clients.
Print. Unlike common folders, these presentation types have prints on the cover usually depicting an image of the brand. Find the best companies that offer printing services as they can personalize the folders for you. A lot of businesses use these folders during sales pitches and presentations. The print on the folders helps the brand as it also serves as a marketing or advertising tool.