qr-code-mistakesToday, there are new technological advancements that are used in both advertising and marketing. One of these innovations is the utilization of QR codes.

What are QR Codes?

QR codes are quick response encryptions that are often printed on different surfaces that can be scanned using a smartphone.

Businesses hire flyer printing companies and newspaper firms to publish their QR codes for other people to see.

Common Errors

There are common mistakes that entrepreneurs often commit which may hamper the purpose of the codes.

First, it is a mistake to link the QR code to the homepage of your website.

  • When linking the code to a website, it is important to direct them to a page dedicated to the product itself.
  • When printing the QR codes on flyers, add the location of your store too.
  • Since the people with smartphones are generally the market that uses QR codes, make sure that the website you created has a mobile version. It will instantly turn off the customer if the mobile page that they directed too cannot be properly read by their phones.

The next common mistake that entrepreneurs commit is publishing the QR code without any information what it is for.

  • Not all customers are aware what that small square does or if they do, they really do not know what they can get from scanning the code. So simply add a few texts below or beside the code to inform the customers the benefit of scanning it.
  • Many people say that there are only few people who do scan codes through their phones. But this should not hinder you from having a QR code. Entrepreneurs must never forget the fact that over 80 percent of smartphone users access the internet using their phones.
  • You just need to educate the customers about the QR codes. One perfect way to do this is to ask a postcard printing company to include your QR code and a little information about it at the back of the card before sending it out to the customers.
  • Also, QR codes are meant to be scanned. So do not make the mistake of publishing your QR code on your website. If you want the customers to see product information, just include a link that they could click easily.