brochure printingIf you are looking to contract a graphic design studio to help you create your material for brochure printing, you can expect to sign an agreement with them.

1.  Design Details

Every single thing want changed in your old brochure has to be spelled out in the contract so you will have specific items to look into before approving the final product. This will include the placement, size, type of your company name, the number of pages, colors and the rest of the content. It is important that you are both on the same page with this since this is the heart of the agreement.

2.  Payment Terms

A chunk of your printing services budget will go to the design studio so you have to write down the specifics on when the downpayment is supposed to be given and such other matters. It is common for service contracts to indicate a portion of the payment when the agreed and equivalent portion of the design is also delivered.

3.   Other Contract Matters

Like a regular contract, you can expect the usual terms like termination, warranties, and others to be present. If you can, negotiate that a refund, default or penalty clause be included to protect you in situations when the terms are not met.