postcard printing calgaryMost of the wedding preparations will be overseen by the bride and one of the wedding components that she will have to plan for is the design of the invitations.

Wedding invitations are very important because this will be the first thing that your guests will see. In a way, the invitations will set the theme for your wedding.

When you visit companies that offer printing services, they will be able to give you some good ideas for your invitations. In order to make sure that your theme will be followed, you can definitely ask the printing company to follow your own personal design.

Here are some unique ideas that you can use:

  • Photo Booklet Invitation. Pictures always capture good moments of you as a couple. You can gather the best photos of you and ask the printing company to make a small photo booklet to serve as your invitation. You can even tell a story or a comic type of wedding invitation to tell your guests how the two of you met. This is a good introduction to your wedding fairytale and you are involving your guests in the story too.
  • Video Invitations. Thanks to modern technology, people can now incorporate videos in their wedding invitations. You can simply add the video to a CD and include the CD into the envelope where the rest of the wedding details can be found. You can also have a flip card where the CD can be placed inside. The printing company can provide the flip card and the envelope but you need to provide the CDs with the videos in them.
  • Passport Invitations. If you and your partner love travelling, then a passport themed invitation will be the perfect fit for you. You can send an invitation to your mailing list that looks like a passport with an accompanying ticket which serves as their entry to the wedding venue. The pages inside the fake passport will include not only the details of the wedding but also photos of the countries where you both have visited together. You can even have stamps that look like those that are added by the immigrations officers.