distribute flyersAfter you have printed your flyers in one of the commercial printing Canada shops, then you are ready for the distribution part. If you are experienced in this aspect already, you may know how to proceed. But if you are just starting out, here are a few ways you can do your flyer distribution creatively:

You can distribute your flyers in local businesses and organizations. Getting a strong local presence can do wonders for your business. To make this inexpensive for you, hire students who want to earn extra bucks to distribute these flyers for you.

Another creative way is to include these flyers inside the newspapers. You can call the local newspaper company and ask if they can consider your proposal. They call these as inserts, preprints, or FSIs. There is a charge but nothing big that becomes too costly for you.

Then, you can distribute these in local café houses or restaurants. These are high traffic places. If you can get the owners to help you out, it would be great. But find a way where it will become a win-win situation for both of your businesses.

However you proceed with your flyer distribution is up to you. You can get these distributed efficiently with less cost if you’ll just be creative about it.

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