Because of the tons of marketing prints sent through direct maildirect mail postcards business owners need to add a little something more to make their advertisements stand out. One way to do this is by customizing the materials to push it away from the pack and into your target audience’s hands. There are several tricks to do this and a simple meeting with your printer will give you some idea on what printing techniques they can do to accommodate your needs.

Ask for the die cuts that your printer may have lying around and you may find a new way to present your postcards. They may also be able to incorporate some folding process which you can apply to holiday and greeting cards. When you experiment with embossing inks or metallic foil stamping, you may find that your company logo can be highlighted better. You can also tweak your envelopes or add perforations if applicable on your designs. Try to experiment with these printing techniques to customize your materials and soon enough, you will be able to find that unique combination that will represent your products and company best.