direct mail services torontoPostcard printing is one form of direct mail marketing that is quite different from telemarketing. Although both can be labeled under the same direct marketing umbrella, a business owner will need to evaluate which method would suit the type of products they are selling, their demographic and the possible response they can expect from their efforts.

Required Investment

To get your postcards out of the door, you first have to design them and avail of professional printing services to produce them. Thereafter, you will need to secure a mailing list to distribute your advertisements to the households. On the other hand, telemarketing will you to hire and train sales persons to make cold calls to potential customers so they will be informed of your products.

Likely Responses

Depending on how attractive and well-made your postcards are, the recipient’s response would range from a casual glance to an enthusiastic decision to purchase. Sad to say, telemarketing has gained a bad rap for disturbing family dinners and other activities in the household. Cold calls, if not answered or are slammed back down, would often just go to the voice mail, blocked or ignored.