Sales Catalog marketing is a fantastic way to expand your business and your client base. It is an important factor in direct mail advertising.  Not only will catalog printing maximize your business now, but it will also set you up for future successes.

In the retail industry, catalog printing is considered one of the best ways to sell products and services.  They are so popular in fact, that 167 million consumers shop and make their purchases through mailed catalogs.  In addition, internet and online purchases increase because of the addition of catalog exposure.  While your customers are offline, your catalog will serve as a constant reminder of the products your company offers.

Ensure that your catalog is of high quality; consider it to be a much more detailed business card.  This will be the customer’s first impression of you company; make it a good one.

When it comes time to print your catalog, be sure to choose a reputable printer with a catalog mailing service capability.  Online printers are a great resource to have.  Your catalog should be timeless and appeal to the majority of people, this way it will stay top of mind for a longer period of time.