Befpresentation foldersore you busy yourself with presentation folders and programs, you first need to secure the attendance so you will have an audience to speak to. Inviting people to your seminar can, however, get tricky. If they are not your target market, they will not be motivated to attend or set aside what they deem to be far more important things than attending your seminar. Listing down and inviting only those clients who you believe can benefit from your products and seminar will ensure you that they will have enough reason to follow through with their commitment.

Choosing the right time to advertise for your seminar is also critical to its success. If you promote for it too early, the potential audience could either forget or lose interest. Sending out your flyers a few days before the event, will not also give them enough time to plan or make room for it in their schedules. Depending on how long your seminar takes, you can send out your advertising materials within 3 to 4 weeks prior to it. Even if the turnout would be way less than you expected, you can still try to captivate your audience and perhaps, they will spread the word to everyone else.