printing servicesOn top of the quantity price offers on brochure printing, there are certain services that companies may have that you are not aware of.

1.  Free Templates

For entrepreneurs that lack the time and skills to come up with a winning brochure design, printing companies should have templates ready to use. These are usually offered for free because they are there to help close the deal faster.

2.  Proofing and Online Upload Services

Among the printing services you need but should not be paying a fee for are the sending in your final design, whether online or offline, and the going over a printed copy to proof for errors. These services are so vital to the completion of your job order that printing companies will rarely charge you for these. They will need some means to get hold of your brochure design so the uploading service on their website or through email is the convenient solution. Before they produce mass copies of your design, you ought to be given an opportunity to go over a sample just to spot the possible typographical and design mistakes.

3.  Package Offers

If you are planning to have business cards, flyers and other promotional materials printed along with your brochures, ask the printing companies for special prices on these. You should not be asked to pay if you request samples of their work.