post card printingWhen you delve into the marketing materials offered nowadays by commercial printers Toronto business owners may be pleased to find that postcards have found their way into the mix. While its traditional use had been for travelers to send a note to their loved ones, postcards are now being utilized to market new products, insert coupons, and notify clients of store openings. With its heavier card stock, postcards will not get easily wrinkled in the mail and will still look good until they get into your customers’ hands.

As for its limitations, postcards do follow a standard size, but you can always ask your printer if the sizes can be varied. While you may get two pages to write your message, you will need to leave a space for the postage stamp and the addressee’s information. Making use of this small space can be a challenge so ask for assistance from your printer to make your material as punchy and interesting as you can without having to compromise your brand and message. Postcards are also not suitable for all types of promotional campaigns so keep your target audience and potential response in mind before contracting with your printer.