sales toronto printingIn the marketing world, it is extremely important to get new and fresh sales leads into the business. Although the old and loyal customers also contribute to the business and must be nurtured as well, making sure that new prospects come on a regular basis can keep the company up and running.

Online Platforms

Nowadays, there are different platforms that can allow entrepreneurs to get new sales leads. These online platforms are great additions to your other marketing campaigns like hiring a flyer printing company to make posters, sending out business cards and others.

  • Pinterest.

One of the ways to attract new leads is to sign up to Pinterest. It is a new site in social media where people can post and pin what they like as if it were a virtual cork board.

Businesses can create their own account and post different videos and pictures about the company which people can ‘pin’ in their own sites.

As the network grows, other people will see those images in the bulletin board of their friends thus generating new leads.

  • SlideShare

SlideShare is another platform that can be used in marketing. It is actually a business website where people can share e-books, business presentations, seminars and even PDF files to the consumers.

Many business owners easily gather new leads in this website because of the kind of information that is shared within the online community. Aside from that, there is an upgraded membership service where you can pay for an amount and the leads can be captured.

The beauty of this site is that whenever a person downloads any of the materials that you posted, they need to fill out a form where they will provide their contact information.

You can easily add these people in your list of recipients when hiring a direct mail services company to send newsletters and related company information brochures.

Error pages can also bring you fresh leads. Of course, you will need to edit the error page and add links to where people can find information about your business. When sending out emails, you should use that to get new leads by editing your email signature.