A recent study showfull color brochuresed that readers preferred a standard white setting or a single solid color as the main background in graphic designs. This fact should be taken into consideration for your next graphic design project. Be it an annual report, a promotional booklet or a business catalogue, a monochromatic backdrop has its advantages.

For one thing, a white setting gives a more dramatic effect so that your logos, photographs and designs will stand out.  A single color backdrop is also easier on the eyes as compared to several layers of colors that can be distractive to the audience. However,  a purely white space will only be an effective medium if graphic designers allow a respectable amount of white space between the headlines, logos, texts, and individual pictures. This will give a sort of breathing space for the readers’ eyes. He can focus better on each element.

Lastly, white or any single solid color as the stage for your graphic design should serve as the factor that unites all the parts of your brochure, flyer, manual, report or booklet. It should not give you the license to bombard each sheet or page with a ton of information and images. In any marketing or promotional material, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Look at your design from their perspective so that your output will be a successful one.

source: http://usefulmarketingcontent.blogspot.com/2010/08/graphic-design-tip-white-space-as.html