brochure printing servicesJust like in brochure printing, amateurs can leave an imprint of their lack of professionalism on their newsletter designs. Watch out of these tell-tale signs and avoid them as much as possible:

1. Drab Headlines and Content

Newsletters may be the shorter versions of newspapers but although they not usually littered with sensational news stories, they should not also contain articles that would make the reader fall asleep. Write catchy headlines and choose topics that can both inform and entertain the reader. Shorter articles are also preferred by readers.

2. Cheap Materials

Saying goodbye to professional printing services means the newsletter will then be printed on flimsy paper to save costs and with ink that smears. To prevent the reader from detecting your lack of experience, shop around for good quality paper that will not easily crumple and will stand up to your distribution method.

3. Plain Black and White

Gone are the days when photos on newsletters are printed in grays. There are now inexpensive options to produce the newsletters in full color to make the pages more vibrant and more polished.

4. Cluttered Layout

A consistent theme to tie both content and graphics together into one cohesive reading material will make the newsletter easier on the eye and quicker to read through.