printing colorsImportance of Color

Color has always been something that attracts people to something. Color is found everywhere too. When the light is divided into different waves in the spectrum, shades and colors are produced and are perceived by the human eye. Although physics has a lot to do with how colors are visible and how they are distinguished, it is still common knowledge that color plays a major role in our world today.

Color Psychology

Studies have shown that color also affects human response. This is clearly seen in advertising, marketing and online entrepreneurship. Even the color blocking of holiday greeting cards cause a certain emotion in us. This phenomenon starts in kids where they react differently in various types of colors.

Today, there is a branch in psychology called color psychology where in people actually study how colors affect the behavior of people. Most advertisers, marketing experts and business owners use the results of this study to maximize human response when it comes to productivity at work and retail capability.

The Link Between Colors and Business

Business is one sector that benefits most form color psychology.

  • Blue

According to studies, the color blue exudes calmness and serenity. Most company owners also use the color blue in their offices since it increases the people’s productivity.

  • Red

The color red on the other hand conveys a stronger sentiment. It imbibes passion and love that is why red roses are common among lovers. Red is also used by a lot of fast foods and restaurants since it promotes appetite.

  • Yellow

The color yellow is a very happy and warm color but it does make babies cry.

  • Green

The color green always resembles both health and wealth. It also has a connection with nature since green is the color of the leaves.

  • Brown

Brown is said to convey boredom. This is one reason why blue is used in corporate settings and not brown.

  • Orange

Orange is a great color since it gives out a feeling of excitement and warmth. Printing services companies should know this since orange is used in a lot of signages to draw attention.

  • Black, White and Metallics

The colors black, white and the Metallics increase the sophistication level of things.

  • Pink

Pink easily attracts people easier due to its calming and romantic effect.