It is not atrush printing all an uncommon occurrence to have brochures that do not completely look finished or completed. This situation usually occurs when one rushes the design and brochure printing process.  A rush printing job for any print ad materials such as flyers, greeting cards and, of course, brochures, would often result to an incomplete look. Instead of being frustrated, here are a few simple tweaks that you can do to remedy that problem.

First, consider revising your background. While a solid color would give a great effect, why not try experiment with color, shadow and light gradients and even textures. Doing one or a combination of these effects can lend a smooth flowing look for your brochures. Next, you can also fix the quality of your images. Try using Photoshop to make your images cleaner, more vibrant and the colors more vivid. This will surely make your brochure more professional-looking and polished. Last, a quick border re-detailing can also work wonders for your brochure designs. Sometimes, dotted lines and subtle borders around texts can enhance the over-all appearance of brochures.