Contrary to what moPrint advertisingst people believe, print media is still an effective form of marketing campaign. The fact to consider when it comes to print media forms such catalog printing, brochure printing and glossy magazines is that consumers belonging to the upper demographic still take time to read them. And companies in the luxury industries know that very well. Ink, a London-based firm, declared profits from their in-flight magazines. This is because jet-setters take time away from electronic gadgets to actually go through the glossy pages.  In fact, web-based companies have also set a specific portion of their budget so that they can further expand their reach towards the high spending market. Yahoo has announced that print ads will be part of their promotional campaigns.

This approach is a great way to balance the Internet marketing strategies of your competitors. A key method to follow is the process done by wherein they have a glossy magazine mailing list for top CEO’s and private jets. With that as proof, a company can still benefit from print advertising just as long as it used to effectively make its presence known to the target market and if it includes a strong call for action so that interest will be turned to actual sales and revenue.