tri-fold-brochure-printing-brochuresTo make your brochure printing project go smoothly from start to finish, stick to your campaign timetable and organize your content and mailing list. The latter will help you avoid delays and returned mails.

1. Find a reliable software.

Any software that can allow you to create tables or lists like Excel does, will suffice. You need not get those feature-packed ones as long as it will enable you to print labels without a hitch. The simpler ones are easier to learn and the sooner you are able to put it to use, the faster you can generate response from your direct mail.

2. Categorize into groups.

Since you want to squeeze the most out of the printing services you availed of, separate your mailing lists into those that you know to be your actual customers, those that are within your target demographic, and so on. This way, when you are focusing your campaign on a specific group only, you need not spend time weeding out the rest.

3. Update frequently.

Your direct mail recipients is ever-changing because people move and relocate all the time. You can add “or current resident” or words to that effect next to their name so your brochure will not be returned to you.