Door hangers are a non-traditional way of promoting your business.  However it is extremely effective, because the very nature of the advertising isolates it from the rest of the mail the customer is receiving. Here are 4 ways to make door hangers work for you:

  1. Think of the door hangers as business cards.  Albeit less formal, they are a great way to share information about your business with a potential customer base.
  2. Use giveaways or discounts to make the information on your door hanger relevant to customers.
  3. They can easily be inserted into mail as a quick reference of information.
  4. Use them as door hangers to grab the attention of the customer receiving it.  Instead of looking down at their mail, they will be encouraged to look at your media solely in order to remove it.

These are just some of the ways local business owners use door hangers to promote their business.  It is effective and efficient, especially if you use an online printer to produce them.  Promotional door hangers can and will effectively expand your client base and bring your more business, now and in the future.