Every year different marketing strategies are being introduced to promote products and services. Nowadays because of technological advancements, social media platforms have been enjoying the limelight and experts in the marketing industry are convinced that they are excellent tools in promoting business.

Three of the most popular fast and so easy to use social media networks are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Business owners are taking advantage of the opportunities to promote their products and services through Facebook by creating company pages. With millions of users, Facebook is extremely famous.

Facebook “profiles” basically worked for socialization, but Facebook “pages” are designed to suit for business owners. The latter is labeled as a category of business sort.  If you already have an account, you can just insert a page for your business. Promotion could be done to your friends the minute you finished adding the page since it is tied to your own profile. Each friend can opt to become a “fan” of your page. Your Facebook page could be endorsed on your website, blogs, press releases, and any other networking means. Flyer printing can also enhance the number of your fans when you include details of your Facebook account in the print materials.


If you are looking for the best way to keep abreast of your friends in the virtual world to know their activities at any given time, just simply check their twits through Twitter. These days, business owners are also using this form of social media as a tool in reaching their customers. Actually almost all companies are twitting to keep their followers updated with any of their activities and promos.  Printing service companies can easily inform their customers of their new printing designs via twitter to convince followers to try them.


This social media platform is purposely created to serve as business networking tool unlike other sites that were originally conceived for socializing purposes. Profiles of users are the major content of LinkedIn. Obviously, it’s the best option to advertise your own self.  It’s just like posting a profile, curriculum vitae, or resume online with the education background of the member, employment history, website links, achievements, memberships with different organizations.