To be successfdirect mail torontoul in direct mail Vancouver based or wherever, one should have a list. A list is a database of your prospects and customers. In this database, you will find their contact numbers, addresses, age, location and other relevant details.

Your list should be up-to-date, tightly focused and well organized. Doing this will allow you to manage your list more efficiently.

It is also important that you segment your list according to profile. You can do this by segmenting the list by age, location, and whether they are prospects or are already buying customers. Segment it according to your needs and how you plan to use your mailing list.

You can build your list on your own, or you could buy a list from third party firms. If you do this on your own, it will be a lot of hard work — but you are assured that it is well-targeted and specific to your niche. If you buy a list, you have an instant list, but the quality may not be that good — but enough of course to get you on with your business quickly.

Your list whether for direct mail Toronto or Vancouver-based should be relevant to your niche. It should have accurate details. Also, it should be up-to-date. You will market to your list. And a well organized list will help you better in targeting the segmentation you made according to the marketing campaigns you are running.