A business owner knows that for every brochure printingbrochure printing task they embark on, they need a mailing list to distribute the printed materials. There are two sources of these lists, but only one of them is free.

Third-Party Compiled Lists

To make the most of your postcard printing, you may want to consider buying a mailing list from a reputable vendor. The amount you pay is for the more detailed information you can get out of the customers. On top of the customers’ names and addresses, you will have such other specifics as the number of household members, their ages, gender, and even buying habits. These targeted lists are more helpful in the sense that you can modify your campaign to entice a particular demographic as you deem fit. Although you are shelling out cash for this purpose, it will save you from having to second-guess your market and wasting on ineffective campaigns.

In-House Customers

For mailing lists that you need not pay a cent for, you can collect your own from the actual customers who purchased at your store and personally signed up. Seize this opportunity to bump up your list and follow through with catalogs and sales letters.



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