attracting-clients-207270_425x230One of the events that businessmen and those who are willing to embark in a personal business should attend is the one which will be held on November 09, 2012 entitled “Creating Your “Winning Formula” for Attracting Clients with Steve Slaunwhite”. The venue of the event will be at the Metro Toronto Convention Center and it will begin at 11:15 in the morning, Friday.

For those who are not very familiar with Mr. Steve Slaunwhite, he is a well- known author of many successful business- related books. Businessmen will definitely learn a lot from this conference especially on how they can gain more clients. Different techniques are known to people regarding advertising and marketing such as hiring flyer printing services for your company and direct mail marketing.

With the help of the talk which will be spearheaded by Mr. Steve Slaunwhite himself, businessmen will learn more techniques and methods on how businesses, especially those offering design services, can gain better momentum in the industry.

A very important step in running a business is to design a perfect business plan on how the company will operate in order to attract different investors, clients and customers to avail of your products and services. In this conference, the speaker will not only tell you that hiring a direct mailing service company will be beneficial to your company but the methods on how you can successfully use and pattern this marketing technique will also be discussed.

With Mr. Slaunwhite’s background in business coaching, advertising and implementation, the magnitude of the learning that you will be getting during the conference will surely be useful on how you make a plan for your company to be able to get the clients that you want.

This event is undoubtedly an event to look forward to. If the success of your business is among your goals, you must grab this opportunity and attend the event at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on November 9, 2012