The number of business owners returning to marketing with direct mail is climbing.  Large and small businesses alike are investing more and more in this strategy.  Here are some easy tips to make certain that your investment brings you a return.

1.    Target your customers – The more research you can do beforehand to determine who your customer is, the more successful your campaign will be.  Having a targeted customer base will increase leads and sales.

2.    Make them an offer they can’t refuse – Don’t forget to make your readers a deal.  The goal is to make them act, offer them a compelling offer and they will come to your for their needs.

3.    Sell with your writing – Although the design of your direct mail is important, do not forget about the copy, as many people do.  Not only must you inform your customer, but you must also sell them on your new product of service.

4.    The call to action – You must tell your audience what you want them to do.  Here is where the bonus offer or discount comes in, by giving them a deadline you are telling them to act immediately.

It is important to start by testing the direct mail in smaller batches, and eventually your campaign will be more and more effective.  This is the smartest way to invest your money wisely.