brochure printing service torontoNowadays, printing options have become so accessible and affordable that every business, even those that started in the basements, can easily get on the brochure printing bandwagon. Rise above the pile through the following:

  • Enhance your borders and backgrounds.

Amateur designers tend not to give any attention to the borders and backgrounds they use. Avoid this mistake by tweaking your design before submitting it for final printing. A well-placed border or an attractive background can help you pull everything together for a cohesive look.

  • Complement your font with your graphics.

Brochures are usually not designed to scream at your reader. Unlike flyer printing which needs larger fonts, the text should have a font size that is in proportion to the size of the graphics on the same page. Target a balanced layout at every spread so it will be easier for the eyes to travel. The same goes for the font type and colors. If you want to express your creativity through the kind of fonts you use then at least match it with your brand and campaign theme.

  • Scrutinize your photos.

Crop your photos well so only the important subject is focused. Adjust their brightness and contrast so they will not stand out too much or fade into the background.