print marketingEvery time you avail of printing services, there will always be that nagging question at the back of your head on whether you have conveyed your brand to the reader enough. No matter how artistic your brochure design may be, your target market may still have difficulty identifying you in the material if it lacks any sign of your company.

1.  Logos and such

When you want your brochure printing project to represent you, the easiest way is to set your logo on the cover where it cannot be missed. However, your brochure will also come out tacky if you sprinkle it with your logo at every page. To convey your brand without having to resort to that, choose the company colors and font for your titles and sub-titles. Since restricting the creative aspect of the design will often backfire, just incorporate a few hints here and there about your company to help the reader recognize your brand in it.

2.  Tone of writing

Another subtle way to communicate your brand is to stick to the style of copywriting that you have used in the past. Even the choice of words and content length can be manipulated in such a way that facilitate recall of your brand in your reader’s head.