Marketing with a catalog is not an easy undertaking.  There are many things to consider when producing a catalog to further your business.  The following are the most important elements.

The Table of Contents is considered the second most important element after the cover of the catalog.  This is where people search for the product they are interested in and navigate through the rest of the catalog.

All page marketing is a concept that follows research stating that most readers read catalogs starting in the middle and working their way either to the front or the back.  Be sure to treat every page like the cover page.

More images mean a more popular catalog.  People turn to catalogs to look at the pictures of products before they make the leap to purchase.  Be sure they are good quality and high resolution.

Write clear and concise content.  Following the images, your copy is the next most important element.  Make certain that what people are reading are the best descriptions and wording to sell your products.

Following these tips and making them a priority during the production of your catalog will ensure that new and old customers will not only be able to read your catalog comfortably, but also will be more inclined to purchase through your new catalog.