direct mailIn starting a marketing campaign by direct mail Toronto business owners can sometimes be less aggressive as they are with online advertising. Little do they know that they are losing out on their potential customers who are not on the internet all the time.

Moreover, direct mail marketing operates similarly as advertising through the internet so you can take advantage of it by sending out coupons and discounts to lure the receiver into checking out your site. If they will make the purchase and use the coupon code you sent them, you can even measure how successful your campaign has been.

Designing your printed materials is also as easy as working with a reputable Toronto printing company. They have all the templates and graphics that you can use and you only have to supply the theme of your campaign.

Simple tricks like placing your most attractive offers at the beginning of your text and in large and bold fonts, can immediately direct the reader’s eye to it without them having to read the entire text. You can communicate your message to them for that small amount of time that their attention is on your brochure or postcard.