Flyer printing is extremely effective for marketing to large quantities of people.  However, when marketing your flyers, you are competing for attention with other marketers.  Everywhere you look you can see signs and signs competing with those signs.  In order to grab your targets attention, you may have to go guerrilla.

Since we have established the flyer printing is an ideal way of cultivating new business and that you are in direct competition for your target markets attention, we should discuss flyer placement.  In order to get your flyer noticed, it needs to be somewhere people are not expecting to see it.  It will be much more effective and memorable.  As opposed to hanging your flyer on a bulletin board, consider hanging it somewhere a little more shocking, like in a restroom stall.  Other places that could gain some attention are:

· Ceilings – anywhere customers are forced to look up. For example dentist and chiropractic offices, or even hair salons.

· Inside books – in libraries or book stores.  It may be a good idea to clear it with the owner of the establishment.

· Coat racks

· On people – not the most ideal because you could get in trouble.  Consider making t-shirts instead.

Finding surprise places for your flyers is key to getting them noticed, and in turn boosting your business.