Business owners who opt to send out postcards to promote their store and services are aware of their practical merits. They do away with stuffing their printed materials into envelopes and reduce their mailing costs. They also know that, compared to flyers, postcards are thicker and more likely to catch the attention of the reader. Standing out from among the other postcards in your target demographic’s mailboxes is another story.

When it comes to sending out postcards as direct mail business owners show their creativity through the various enhancements on the usual colored designs. The common frill they add is the embossed printing and this helps to highlight the text they want to jump out of the page. The downside to this could be the depression that is caused on the other side of the postcard. Another way is to employ a deckle edge by using a die-cut specifically made to produce those non-straight edges around the postcard. If they want that glossy surface, they can also request for a gelatine film so that shiny page can be achieved. These enhancements do come with their own disadvantages so they must confer with the printing company as to which of them is ideal to use on their designs.