brochure printing torontoWhether you are planning for a catalog or brochure printing, you can opt for design templates that your printer has or design your own. For sure, your printer will recommend using their templates simply because it is easier for them to produce. However, there will be a risk for your layout and design to appear like any other brochure out there. In this sense, custom printing will have its advantages.  You just need to keep in mind the following:

Follow the standard formats.

In veering away from the flyer printing templates, you are not also given absolute freedom in your designs. There are printing constraints that you need to adhere to like bleed allowance so your flyer will come out more polished.

Stick to your niche.

When you opt for custom printing, it is easy to get carried away and go wild with your designs. The creative license is by no means an excuse for you to forget the recipient of your printed materials. If you are selling your products to babies and kids, you still need to avoid dark and gruesome images and and edgy messages even if you are free to do otherwise.