post card printingIf a business believes it is falling into a marketing rut by solely relying on direct mail tourists should be able to open their eyes. If you run a gift and trinket store or a family diner, you can snag a piece of your locale’s tourism pie by leaving a bunch of your promotional materials at visitors’ centers, supermarkets and wherever racks are provided for brochures and postcards to be displayed.

The challenge however lies on how they design their rack card for it to draw the eye of the tourists. With the many colors and photos competing for attention, they can start by putting themselves into the tourists’ shoes, visiting these places and noting where their eyes would rest if they are to check the racks. They can study the elements of those cards that do stand out and apply them on their own designs. They can improve their chance of being kept by sneaking in a discount coupon into the rack card. Finally, they must also include a small map showing the directions and address of their stores so the tourist can easily locate them.