holiday postcard printingWhen deciding on what to send through direct mail Toronto companies have plenty of options. They can send postcards, brochures, or the good old reliable flyers. During the holidays, however, not many businesses are utilizing enough the custom-made greeting cards to send to their loyal patrons. Printing companies can easily print their logos on the cards and give the business owners good prices for bulk orders.

Sending out holiday greeting cards has its own charm in a sense that it steps away from the “strictly business” image of your company and reaches out to your customers in a more personal way. A handwritten signature will also convey sincerity when thanking them for bringing business to your store.

By using your company colors, you can still advertise your brand but in a subtle and more tasteful way. You can ask your printer for help in choosing the designs and, more importantly, finishing the job on time.

A trustworthy printing company will understand that the holiday season is the busiest time to send out items so planning ahead can help you beat the rush. Certainly, a timely sent and appreciative card from your company will enhance your business prospects for the incoming year.