With the perceivebusiness card marketingd high costs of commercial printing Canada business owners may decide to postpone any advertising campaign to save on these expenses. If they can learn how to identify the few essential printed materials that their business should not be operating without, then they can certainly push through with their marketing without having to break the bank.

Business cards top the list because this critical item is small and convenient to hand out at seminars or everywhere you get a chance to meet a client. In its small space, the card can carry all the vital contact information as well as double as a coupon by printing something on its back side.

If you need more space to introduce your products and services, you can have a brochure or a poster printed. These can allow you to play with colors, graphics, and photos for them to be more effective in selling your products to the readers. Because they contain less pages than a catalog, they should come out less expensive.  You can even talk to your printer about having them printed in smaller quantities so you need not be stuck with storing a bulk of them in your office.

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