2012 printing servicesEvery now and then, before ending each year a lot of visionaries are publishing their predictions for the coming year. You would commonly read what fortune tellers have to say about different possibilities in politics, entertainment, and economy based on planetary motions and indications from heavenly bodies.

On the other hand, there are those that are basing their forecasts on scientific methods, researches, facts and figures especially in the business industry. For small business scale, we can base our projections for 2012 on the current situations. In view of technological advancements, most likely we will have the following trends for next year.

Trend No. 1 – Mobile Advertising and Marketing

Smart phones are now available in different parts of the world. Marketing experts have started to use promoting products and services through mobiles and are capitalizing on its power for other collaborations.  It might still in the stage of infancy but it is growing tremendously. Try to find out how you can be part of this unstoppable trend.

Printing services for example have already embraced this trend by encoding QR codes on marketing print materials; these codes could be scanned with the use of smart phones.

Trend No. 2 – Creation of Quality Articles and Content Online

To catch the attention of your target customers, writing articles of high standard is a must. Online surfers nowadays are more interested in reading quality content. Selling straightforwardly is not advisable. It is better to let your customers understand the importance of your products and services and how to utilize them.

Brochure printing, for instance, is better to be presented by discussing its essentials in promoting business rather than directly convincing clients to choose your company for their printing needs.

Trend No. 3 – Intensifying Online Marketing

Facts and figures would tell us that an increasing number of small businesses are diverting their budgets to intensify online marketing. Since social media is the hottest commodity these days, it is a wise idea to join the ride. However, never think that this could generally replace traditional marketing. You may increase your budget for online venues but do not disregard the conventional strategies which have proven their worth and power in the marketing industry.

Trend No. 4 – Interacting with Clients in Innovative Ways

With different ways to listen to customers nowadays, small business owners can make use of these means to get feedbacks about the products and services that they are offering. Online surveys, electronic mails (e-mails), online conversations and company websites are just few ways to creatively communicate with your clients. Younger generations are becoming fond of doing everything virtually.

Trend No. 5 – Taking Advantage on Up-and-Coming Markets

Expanding your business internationally could easily be achieved if you will be able to learn the art of capitalizing on emerging markets. In the virtual world, a possibility for a small business to go global is high. Do not confine yourself in a small fish bowl if you can explore the ocean. You wouldn’t know, your next customer might come from other part of the world.