One of the most challenging times in business is the starting-up phase. It is the time when you just opened up the business, organizing everything and looking for new customers. This time can really be chaotic and there are a lot of errors that entrepreneurs will be making before they could successfully get passed this stage.


A crucial error that new business owners tend to do is the failure to plan. Planning and is the key in a strong business foundation. Finding out what your target market wants and building a plan on how to deliver their needs is important. Take extra time in investigating the competitors.

If you are putting up a postcard printing company, research on the basics of printing and where to get quality equipment. You should also plan and strategize on the prices of your services.


You can never sell too cheap or too expensive. This is why you need to check on your competitors. If your price is too high, new customers will look for alternative provider.

If you price too low, you will end up having orders but will not be enough to sustain the business. Calculate your budget and the costs. Keep a competitive price but slash off a few dollars to attract customers.


Another mistake that entrepreneurs tend to make is neglecting the budget. Some owners think that as long as they have a capital, they will be able to survive. Owners must remember that money will be going in and out of the company and new expenditures will surface. You should never overspend on the initial months.


Having a good marketing strategy is also something that most businessmen often neglect. Advertising is always essential to introduce your company to the people. Get professional help on setting up a website and have a comprehensive mailing list. It is also important to use social media to market your product. If you are an entrepreneur thinking of setting up a new business, it is always welcome to take risks as long as you have a good plan to back it all up.