postersIf you do business in printing jobs for your advertising campaigns allow you plenty of options. In the formatting of posters, for instance, you can choose from among the usual four layouts that will suit your purpose. Depending on what your campaign is trying to achieve, you will have to familiarize yourself with these formats so you can get the response you want. Posters, as differentiated from flyers, are put up for everyone to see so you would want that the text and graphics present a cohesive picture.

To give emphasis on the title, use the Wanted format and follow the bold title with graphics and other content in smaller fonts below.  If you want to use graphics as borders, use the Framing form and place the text you want to be read within the border. To put in as much information as you want without having to edit out anything, you can make use of the Column/Row layout. Lastly, the Streamer is set up in a way that the details of your promotion are read from top to bottom and are plastered right at the center of your poster.