presentation foldersIf you are trying to impress a potential client or about to join a trade show, then pouring out all your energy into perfecting the presentation folders to its most minute details is a must. Other printed materials like the brochure and price quote sheets, however, could also communicate your vision, quality of product or service, and professionalism. Enclosing your marketing materials in a pocket folder that bears your company logo and in colors that are consistent with the theme of your campaign, is the ribbon that will tie everything together.

You can even customize the number and sizes of pockets you put inside. Four small corners slits can hold your business cards and a couple of flaps can contain the larger materials. If you have incorporated a few attractive colors into your folder, then you can expect it to stand out from among your competitors in the same trade show, for instance. The thickness of your folders should also be taken into account since the materials can weigh on them. Pocket folders will indeed help you define your identity from the rest while being a functional tool for your business.