cheap business cardsOne of the most effective strategies in business marketing and advertising is giving out business cards to people. Many business owners and entrepreneurs would hire a business card printing company to do the job. This is indeed a smart thing to do since each printing firm has numerous experts to accomplish the task.

On the other hand, if you have a little knowledge regarding design and printing, then you can totally make your own business cards at home. This is a nice way to save some bucks.

Creating Your Own Business Card

There are some people who would say that printing your own business cards takes away the classy look. But the truth is, if you just choose the right design and the right materials in making your business cards, then you can definitely still have a very professional- looking one at a much lesser price. Here’s the list of things you need:

  • a computer unit
  • colored printer
  • high grade specialty paper
  • design software for editing

You can still save money if you get a company that has a design center where you can just give your ideas and their creative team will bring your idea to a very elegant business card design.

Things to Remember

In order for you to achieve a business card that is professional- looking, you need to choose a design that is simple.

  • Simplicity always exudes professionalism.
  • Although a little color and design can make wonders, do not go overboard.
  • The most important thing in the card is not the graphics but the information that you will be printing on it.
  • Do not forget to put in all of the essential details about you and your company such as the name, the address, the websites, the contact numbers and a small advertisement of what your company does.
  • Print the design using a good piece of specialty paper. The type of paper will affect the quality of the print.

It is important to note that although these homemade business cards can provide an immediate marketing solution, as the business grows, you will still need to hire professional printing services company to do the job. While you are just starting, homemade cards can definitely do the trick.